Slow Design

At Urban Fuzz, we embrace the “Slow Design Movement.”

“Slow Design, much like its gastronomic predecessor, is all about pulling back on the reins and taking time to do things well, do them responsibly, and do them in a way that allows the designer, the artisan and the end user to derive pleasure from it. Just like Slow Food, it’s all about using local ingredients, harvested and put together in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Above all, it emphasizes thoughtful, methodical, slow creation and consumption of products as a way to combat the sometimes overwhelming pace of life in the bigger-faster-now 21st century.”  (Collin Dunn 2008)

All our products are prototyped many times before a final design is decided upon.  We spend many hours sketching our designs before they even make it to the workshop, testing different designs, construction methods and materials before deciding on a saleable product.